Product: Wrathion: The Black Prince 14" Statue

Manufacturer: Blizzard

Game / IP: World of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard

Released: 2024

Series: 1

Original Price: $350.00


- Epic Tier Statue
- Polyresin statue with battery operated LED lighted base
- Sculpting: Chris Wooten
- Additional Sculpting: Brian Fay
- Paint: Lewis Villamar
- 14 x 9 x 10 in
- Net weight: 5.84 lbs
- Gross weight: 12.32 lbs
- Statue requires 2 AA Batteries. Batteries not included.
- Blizzard Direct Product

"I will NOT be held accountable for the sins of my father. My destiny will be my own."

Wrathion is one of the few uncorrupted black dragons left in the world of Azeroth. The Black Prince was not conceived so much as he was created, the result of the secret experiment combining the power of a Titan artifact and the interference of members of the red Dragonflight. Since his hatching, Wrathion has sought to remove the corruption from his Dragonflight and to bring the ultimate end to the Old Gods.

The Wrathion statue is made of polystone and plastic. This statue includes a light feature within the lava beneath Wrathion's feet as he stands atop the armour of a fallen dragon. The statue is digitally sculpted by renowned Blizzard artists Chris Wooten with additional sculpting by Brian Fay, painted by Lewis Villamar, with creative direction from Korey Regan, Ely Cannon, and Dusty Nolting.

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