Product: Type 59 1:35 Model Kit

Manufacturer: Italeri

Game / IP: World of Tanks

Developer: Wargaming

Released: 2015

Series: 1

Original Price: $39.99


Thousands of Type 59 tanks were produced by China from the designs for the Soviet T54. Innovations and upgrades saw it remain as the backbone of the PLA from 1959 until early in the new millennium. A 100mm rifled main gun and a maximum of 200mm of armor make it one of the most lethal juggernauts ever to hit the Cold War era battlefield. Add one more to the horde when you build this incredible kit! Includes: model kit, liquid plastic cement, wall poster, tank guide, WoT decals, and 4 in-game codes (1 bonus code + 3 invite codes).

Type: Tank
Country: People's Republic of China/Soviet Union
Scale: 1:35
Skill Level: 3
Model Length: 10.1 in (257 mm
Suitable for ages 14 and older

Stock # ITAS3508
Mfg. # 37508

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