Product: Forest Biome Statue (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Animegami Studios

Game / IP: Terraria

Developer: Re-Logic

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Exclusive: Animegami Studios

Limited Quantity: 999

Original Price: $899.99


Animegami Studios is excited to bring you the exclusive Terraria Forest Biome resin statue.

As a company and collectors ourselves, Animegami Studios knows that the price ($899) is going to be higher than expected for many. With that in mind, we have put extra efforts in creating a new structure so that everyone can enjoy a detailed and premium statue which is only available in 999 pieces in the world without major financial burden. Please read the full story in our blog post.

Product Highlights:
- Resin Statue with parts in PVC/ABS
- Huge piece at 40cm x 35cm x 20cm / 15.75in x 13.78in x 7.87in
- Copyright / IP: 2011 Re-Logic Limited. All Rights Reserved.
- Art Direction: Soraia Pereira & Ricardo Clatworthy
- 3D work / Sculptor: Leo Dolon
- Painter / Color Master: Armando Aguiar & Francisco Aguiar

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