Product: Eizen 1/8 Scale Statue

Manufacturer: Alter

Game / IP: Tales of Berseria

Developer: Bandai Namco

Released: 2018

Series: 1


Beware, for the Reaper of Tales of Berseria has arrived! Known for being a pirate and, of course, the older brother of the adorable Edna, Eizen tends to come across as serious, aloof, and well-cultured. That serious side is on display for this cool figure which brings his design to life in painstaking detail!

From the yellow-to-orange gradient of his hair to every line, accent, and crease of his costume, he’s perfect from head to toe and a must-have for any adventurer’s party (or, uh, figure collection). The variety of paints really capture the different cloth and metallic textures of his costume, as well!

He is recreated in 1/8 scale by Kunihito Iwamoto and comes pre-painted and ready for display with the included base.


Sculptor: Kunihito Iwamoto

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Contributors: Venorik