Product: Ken 1:12 Scale Action Figure (USFII)

Manufacturer: Storm Collectibles

Game / IP: Street Fighter II, Ultra: The Final Challengers

Developer: Capcom

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $75.00


Ken is no doubt is one of the most recognized video game character from Street Fighter series. This Ultra Street Fighter II Ken is carrying his original classic image with his long blonde hair, red sleeveless keikogi with the black belt and barefoot. Ken and Ryu are best friends and trained together from their master, Gouken.

- 4 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts (featuring a injured head-sculpt)
- 6 x Interchanging Hands
- 1 x Shoryuken Effect
- 1 x Hadouken Effect
- 1 x Hadouken Effect Stand

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