Product: Pixel Pals Evil Ryu #39 (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Performance Designed Products

Game / IP: Street Fighter Alpha 2

Developer: Capcom

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Exclusive: Performance Designed Products

Limited Quantity: 1000

Original Price: $14.99


Light up your world with Pixel Pals: collectible pixel-art renditions of your favorite iconic characters! We want you to show off what you love and shine bright with Pixel Pals. Pop in a couple AAA batteries and you're all set.

First appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Evil Ryu has succumbed to Satsui no Hado and is ruled by an uncontrollable rage. Recognized by the hole burned in his chest and his bright red eyes, Evil Ryu possesses a cold and dangerous personality. Evil Ryu is obsessed with fighting a worthy opponent and will commit whatever brutal act necessary to win.

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