Product: Starcraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger

Manufacturer: ThinkGeek

Game / IP: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Developer: Blizzard

Released: 2015

Series: 1

Original Price: $19.99

Weight: 6.00 oz


Man, you would not imagine how long it took us to get these in stock at the warehouse. We'd tell our factory, "You must construct additional pylons." And, a few hours later we'd get a message back from them: "Not enough minerals." Finally we sent out some probes, got some srs minerals, and we were in business. Literally.

This Starcraft II Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station is both a light and a charger. It gives you access to the great psionic energy matrix emanating from Aiur, but, in case you can't tap into that, it also has an AC Adapter. Its 2 USB ports can power all your devices that charge via USB (provided you have the correct cable - it ships with one micro-USB cable). Note: We do not recommend you overcharge and rush with these. The power cable ain't long enough.

Product Specifications:
- Starcraft II Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station
- Officially-licensed Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void merchandise
- A ThinkGeek creation
- Lights up
- 2 USB ports: 2.1 Amps, split between the two ports
- That means if you're charging one thing, it charges at 2.1 Amps
- If you're charging 2 things, they each charge at 1 Amp
- Compatible with anything that charges via USB (just provide your own cable if it's not micro-USB)
- On/off switch controls light in case you want to charge in the dark
- Dimensions: 5" diameter x 7" tall
- Weight: 6 oz. (without the AC adapter)
- Includes pylon power station, 100-240v ~50-60Hz .5A AC adapter, and a micro-USB

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