Product: Stretcher for Robbie the Rabbit

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Silent Hill 3

Developer: Konami

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Original Price: $17.99


The stretcher appeared in the bonus movie "å…Ž usagi" from the DVD "Lost Memories: THE ART & MUSIC OF SILENT HILL" is recreated in the same scale as the Robbie the Rabbit Mini. The surface of the mattress is flat and the back side has dents to fit Robbie's head and body so that he can lie down on it.

This item will surely expand display options for Robbie the Rabbit Mini.

- Prepainted figure
- Material: ABS/PVC
- Size: 85 mm (Non scale)
- Release: November ~ December 2020
- Sculpt: Shinya Akao (HEADLONG)
- Digital Sculpt: Masaki Akao (HEADLONG)
- Paint: Kenji Ando

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