Product: Robbie the Rabbit (Souvenir / exclusive)

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Silent Hill 3

Developer: Konami

Released: 2014

Series: 4

Exclusive: Figure King Magazine

Limited Quantity: 300


A rabbit doll... No, it's a costume. Is there someone in there? It looks like there is, but I don't feel like making sure.

"Silent Hill" is the mega-hit horror adventure video game series published by Konami Digital Entertainment that has captured the hearts and imaginations of horror game freaks around the world. It has sold 8,400,000 units in total and continues growing in popularity with each new fan. It is a creative masterpiece that still gains overwhelming support from fans even after its initial release 10 years ago. Its popularity goes beyong video games; expanding into films, comics, and novels. The third replease of the series, "Silent Hill 3," continues to propel the horror genre to new levels of intensity, pushing the visual content to new and exciting heights! Fans have called it the most frightening and horrific release thus far.

Robbie the Rabbit is the mascot of the "Lakeside Amusement Park" in the world of "Silent Hill 3." In the game when "Heather" the main character, visits the amusement park, she finds the rabbit costumes laying on the ground, their mouths covered with blood. Is there a person inside? If so, is he dead or alive? The cute but frighteningly scary "Robbie" made a strong and unforgettable impression on many players. He also appears in other Silent Hill games, such as "Silent Hill 4" and "Silent Hill: Homecoming." In "Silent Hill: The Arcade," he appears as an enemy with weapons. Now he is not only the mascot of "Lakeside Amusement Park" but the whole series of Silent Hill.

This souvenir version is clean and bloodless.


Sculpt: Shinya Akao
Paint: Norifumi Dohi

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