Product: Heather

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Silent Hill 3

Developer: Konami

Released: 2014

Series: 3


Is this a dream? It's got to be. Not even a kid could believe in this. But when am I gonna wake up?

"Silent Hill" is the mega-hit horror adventure video game series published by Konami Digital Entertainment that has captured the hearts and imaginations of horror game freaks around the world. It has sold 8,400,000 units in total and continues growing in popularity with each new fan. It is a creative masterpiece that still gains overwhelming support from fans even after its initial release 10 years ago. Its popularity goes beyong video games; expanding into films, comics, and novels. The third replease of the series, "Silent Hill 3," continues to propel the horror genre to new levels of intensity, pushing the visual content to new and exciting heights! Fans have called it the most frightening and horrific release thus far.

Heather is the first main female character of the Silent Hill series. She is a strong woman, very disciplined but with a bit of a violent streak. She never hold herself back when challenged. Through all her challenges she remains kind at heart and loves her father. Because of her sarcastic wit and fiercely independent personality Heather is a truly unique heroine and a fan favorite throughout the world.

Creating the realistic flesh tone, including freckles and moles posed a great challenge and is a far contrast to the most popular flesh tones used on Japanese female figures. The pose and facial expression reflect the challenge in normal girl's mind when she is forced to fight in terror. The base is modeled after "The amusement park of the Otherworld" made of wire mesh and steel plate. A bizarre and twisted atmosphere is created by painting the base with an abstract finish.

Three types of weapons are included: The standard equipment "Handgun" and steel pipe are interchangeable, along with the "Beam Saber" the secret item found after beating the game once and using mostly melee weapons to kill monsters. The leopard print grip is faithfully recreated.


Sculpt: Shin Tanabe
Packaging: Masahiro Ito

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