Product: Red Pyramid Thing 1/6 Scale Model Kit (Misty Day, Remains of the Judgment)

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Silent Hill 2

Developer: Konami

Released: 2024

Series: 1


Under the concept "If we produce a brand new Pyramid Head statue, let's brush up the details that could not be expressed with the video game specs at the time of the game's initial release, the PVC/ABS statue is thoroughly supervised by the art director of SILENT HILL 2, Masahiro Ito. This resin model kit is directly duplicated from the silicone mold of the master prototype and available in limited quantity.

Enjoy the same fine details as the prototype of the Red Pyramid Thing!

SPEC: Painting and assembly are required.
MATERIAL: Polyurethane resin
SIZE: Approximately 340 mm (1/6 scale)
RELEASE: July 2024

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