Product: Bubble Head Nurse (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Silent Hill 2

Developer: Konami

Released: 2013

Series: 2

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con

Limited Quantity: 1500


"Silent Hill" is the mega-hit horror adventure video game series published by Konami Digital Entertainment, and has captured the hearts and imaginations of horror game freaks around the world. Its popularity is limited not to only video games, but has also expanded to films, comics, and novels. Furthermore, "Silent Hill 2" has been called "one of the best masterpieces" of all time among fans, and has gained strong support from millions of fans across multiple platforms.

Dressed as a nurse, this evil creature suffers from a hideous mutated swollen face. She attacks James, swinging a vicious steel pipe, her body shaking violently, all while emitting a loud and frightening groan! Her creepy appearance strikes terror in all game players' hearts!

Staying faithful and true to the original game's design, this "Version 2013" features a new refined head sculpt and thigh-high crimson boots. This is the most accurate Bubble Head Nurse, capturing the character's playful spirit and attitude.


Sculpt: Shin Tanabe
Paint: Yoshinori Yatake
Packaging: Masahiro Ito

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