Product: Brain Drive

Manufacturer: G Fuel

Game / IP: Scarlet Nexus

Developer: Bandai Namco

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $31.99


Flavor Profile: Pineapple + Guava + Citrus Twist

In an alternate reality set in the not-so-distant future, humanity has formed a new society - A society protected by those with extrasensory superpowers - known as "THE OTHER SUPPRESSION FORCE" - And to defend this new society from the mindless mutants descending from the Extinction Belt known as "THE OTHERS" - You're going to need all the psychokinetic-enhanced brain power you can get!

Luckily, our "OSF" heroes have a trick up their sleeves - G FUEL "BRAIN DRIVE" - A MIND-BLOWING Pineapple + Guava + Citrus Twist-infused Flavor - Inspired by Bandai Namco Entertainment's brand-new Action RPG: "SCARLET NEXUS"!!! Join the fight with us today!

- 40 servings per tub
- Sugar Free
- 15 Calories
- Focus Complex
- Antioxidants

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