Product: Jubei Yagyu 8" Figure

Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

Game / IP: Samurai Shodown

Developer: SNK

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $117.99

UPC: 4711203440680


One of the most celebrated fighting games from SNK: Samurai Showdown is ready to hack and slash on a desk near you with the release of its most renowned character: Jubei Yagyu in glorious action figure form! Join Beast Kingdom’s 'Entertainment Experience Brand’ with the launch of a new line of DAH (Dynamic 8ction Figures) from the famous SNK gaming powerhouse!

Fans of Japanese Samurai and video games are no strangers to the famous 'Jubei Yagyu’, one of the main characters of the Samurai Shodown series of games and based on a real historical figure who served the Shogun during the Shogunate, military era of Japan! A fearless warrior, his distinctive one-eyed patch gave him legendary status amongst Japanese swordsmen of the Edo period. Beast Kingdom is proud to release a new era in SNK video gaming figures for fans of high octane action. Make sure to order yours from an official outlet today!

Special Features:
- DAH design body, with around 22 points of articulation
- Three (3) replaceable head sculpts (regular, angry, grinning )
- Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (fist, open, holding weapon)
- Two (2) Samurai swords (Katana)
- Heavy slash effect add-on
- Use of real fabric for the clothing
- Special, branded figure base with bracket
- Dango X1
- Slash combo special effects X1
- Dash uppercut special effects X1
- Japanese design background scene add-on X1

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