Product: Full Size Dubstep Gun Replica

Manufacturer: Deep Silver

Game / IP: Saints Row IV

Developer: Volition

Released: 2013

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition (Super Dangerous Wad Wad)

Limited Quantity: 1

Original Price: $1,000,000.00


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And aliens. Aliens are also a problem."

Saints Row IV is the epic conclusion to the open world game that changed all the rules. The head of the Third Street Saints is now the leader of the free world-but it's not all drone strikes and drunken interns. Earth has been invaded by galactic overlord Zinyak and it's up to you, the Boss, to free your fellow Americans (and everybody else) from the virtual hell in which they've been imprisoned.

Use the aliens' own arsenal against them. Suck your enemies into the void with the blackhole gun. Drive the Zin crazy with the power of dubstep. Stomp through the city in a bad-ass mech. You can also bend the rules of simulated Steelport to leap tall buildings, outrun sports cars, set aliens ablaze and fling them across the city with your mind. With new and old homies by your side, you will crush the alien threat and save the world the only way the Saints know how: massive wanton destruction.

Ask not what the Saints can do for you. Ask what the Saints can do to the Zin.

The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition (AKA the Million Dollar Pack) features:

- Saints Row IV: Commander in Chief Edition Game
- Virgin Galactic Space Flight
- 1:1 Scale Full Size Dubstep Gun replica
- Hostage Rescue Experience
- Plastic Surgery
- Spy Training Day
- Personal Shopper
- Capsule Wardrobe
- 7 Nights at the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai
- A week for two at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
- First class flights to Washington DC and Dubai
- Lamborghini Gallardo
- New Toyota Prius +1 Year Insurance
- A years Super Car Membership


Currently the most expensive collector's edition ever made. Definitely an interesting publicity stunt and initially believed to be a joke, it was confirmed by developer Steve Jaros that this collector's edition was in fact legit. It is unknown whether or not this single limited edition ever sold.

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