Product: Space Marine Miniature Vinyl (20th Anniversary / exclusive)

Manufacturer: Symbiote Studios

Game / IP: Doom

Developer: id Software

Released: 2013

Series: 1

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con

Original Price: $19.99


You're the original Space Marine stationed on Mars when a military experiment goes wrong. Your Mission: Blast your way to freedom with the infamous BFG 9000 as you lay waste to a Demonic Army from Hell.

The Space Marine Symbiote is based on Doom, the ground-breaking first-person shooter from ID Software. The Space Marine figure measures in at over 3.5 inches of awesomeness. Each figure has articulating arms, BFG and Helmet. Live the adventure by having the Space Marine in your home or office!

Product Specifications:
- Licensed from Bethesda.
- Symbiote Line of Products
- Highly detailed vinyl material
- Articulation in both arms and head.
- Accessories fit most other characters in series.
- Edition Size: TBD
- Product Size: 3" H
- Est. Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs

Project Team:
- Project Lead: Joseph Reiter
- Lead Artist: Curt Rapala
- Photos: Symbiote Studios
- Creators: ID Software

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