Product: Isaac Clarke Unitology Suit (exclusive)

Manufacturer: NECA

Game / IP: Dead Space

Developer: EA Games

Released: 2009

Series: 1

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con


Briefing Data - Update from Recipient: Have arrived on board USG Ishimura. No survivors present, power running low. Cut off from security detail at onset of mission. Ishimura crew has been overrun by alien hostiles. Attempting to restore ship systems. Unsure if communications are working, if message received send military support.

Assignment: Investigate lost signal and repair all necessary equipment in order to restore communications.

Mission Briefing Recipient: Isaac Clarke
Mission Location: USG Ishimura
Issue: Total communications blackout
Support Team: Standard Security Detail


Product development: Randy Falk
Sculpt: Jason Frailey
Fabrication: Oliver Brig
Paint: Jon Wardell, Geoffrey Trapp
Prototypes: Adam Smith
Photography & packaging: Nicole Falk

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