Product: Demetri Maximoff 1:12 Scale Figure (green / exclusive)

Manufacturer: Storm Collectibles

Game / IP: Darkstalkers

Developer: Capcom

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con

Original Price: $95.00


This Storm Collectibles 2021 Event Exclusive "Darkstalkers" Demitri Maximoff is a 1/12 scale action figure offered in a special colorway. Demitri Maximoff is one of the most dangerous vampires who first appeared in Darkstalkers. He is a villainous and power-hungry vampire who, like Dracula, sees humanity as an inferior race and only cares for their blood.

- Approximately 9" tall
- Interchangeable head x 3
- Interchangeable pairs of hands x 3
- Fire Ball effect x 1
- Demitri's Bat x 1

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