Product: Crystal Lizard 1/6 Scale Light-up Statue (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Gecco

Game / IP: Dark Souls

Developer: FromSoftware

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con

Original Price: $35.00


Crystal Lizard drops "Titanite" used to upgrade the player's weapons, shields and armor in the action RPG "DARK SOULS." Recreated as a exclusive item for San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Originally included as a pre-order bonus item with the Oscar statue, this adorable creature now returns as a light-up statue with newly designed LED functions making the blue stones even brighter. In the video game, players have little time to stare at the enemy because it moves quickly and disappears just as fast. Now with this collectible in hand, you can take plenty of time to marvel at the beautifully twinkling stones.

- Material: ABS/PVC
- Size: Approximately 130mm (1/6 scale)
- Sculpt: Shin Tanabe (JINTO)
- Paint: Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)

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Contributors: vgc2

Owns it: Venorik, Ekrah