Product: Gun Bag

Manufacturer: Rockstar Games

Game / IP: Max Payne 3

Developer: Rockstar Games

Released: 2012

Series: 1

Original Price: $79.99


This jet black carrier features five heavy duty zippered accessory pockets for all your gear. With the white embroidered Max Payne 3 logo on the front ammo pouch, and the Rockstar logo on the reinforced handles, this bag will show everyone that you mean business.

Additional features include:
- Secure storage compartments for laser sights, flashlights, supplies, and other attachments
- Able to store a 40mm Grenade Launcher attachment
- Holds three small arms, including pistols, revolvers, & SMGs
- Large, heavy duty, U-Shaped dual zipper lid for easy access
- Compartmentalized storage for four frag grenades or flashbangs
- Reinforced nylon handles for all terrain, and all weather, mobilization

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