Product: P-Body 7" Figure

Manufacturer: NECA

Game / IP: Portal 2

Developer: Valve

Released: 2014

Series: 1

UPC: 0634482453285


Fact: The key to any successful collaborative test is trust. And as Aperture's tireless decades of extra-voluntary human testing show, humans cannot be trusted. The solution? Robots like the one you have just purchased. Unlike humans, the P-Body model does not know pride. It does not know fear. Teach it both in the safety of your collaborative testing environment.

Following the mega success of our ASPHD replicas and the Chell action figure comes the infamous duo, Atlas and P-Body. The robots of Portal 2 are now available in figure form.

Totally to scale with Chell, highly detailed and fully poseable, this figure has to be seen to be believed. P-Body comes complete with his own ASHPD accessory which lights up AND the bot himself lights up too! P-Body glows yellow just like in the game.

Created from digital outputs provided by Valve and then cleaned, polished and articulated to ensure the best possible representation of these characters.

Clamshell packaging.


Product development: Randy Falk
Sculpt / fabrication: Brad Haskins, Ty Spurlock
Paint: Jon Wardell, Geoffrey Trapp
Prototypes: Adam Smith
Packaging: Chris Longo

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