Product: Lego: Linking Book set

Manufacturer: Cyan Worlds

Game / IP: Myst

Developer: Cyan Worlds

Released: 2024

Series: 1

Original Price: $50.00


Treat your puzzle-loving Myst fan to our limited-edition LEGO Linking Book set! Build the gateway to adventure, one brick at a time! This set was designed and created by Tim Heiderich, who has done work for Lego and the Lego Masters TV show, and produced exclusive kits for LEGO fan conventions. His designs have appeared in BrickLink, advertising, and at trade shows. You can see more of his work at (including a truly incredible- and MASSIVE- recreation of Myst Island!) or find him at @timtoonstudio on Instagram.

The Linking Book features swappable "page" bricks so you can change your linking book to view different destinations including: the dock, the starry expanse, or trap your friends and family inside a red page, or a blue page! It also includes a white page because if you've played Myst, you know that you shouldn't be without your white page!

- Designed/created by Tim Heiderich
- Includes 32 pieces, and comes with 6 custom printed pieces which are being printed just for us!
- Assembled kit measures approximately 2" tall and 1.5" wide
- There will be a MAXIMUM of 300 sets available at launch. While we will do our best to source more if the initial run sells out, these kits are dependent on Lego pieces being available on the 3rd-party resellers market, so there are no guarantees we will be able to produce more of these sets in the future!
- This set will NOT be delivered in time for the holidays. We anticipate shipping these in January, 2024.

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