Product: Kintaro 1:12 Scale Action Figure

Manufacturer: Storm Collectibles

Game / IP: Mortal Kombat

Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Released: 2021

Series: 1


Like Goro and Sheeva, KINTARO is of the four-armed Shokan race. Unlike his aristocratic comrades, however, he is lower-class Tigrar lineage. As is customary when recruiting Shokan and Centaur into Shao Kahn's service, one of each race must face each other in bloody kombat. Kintaro killed his opponent and, in an unprecedented act of bravado, roared for more Centaur blood. Centaurs leapt furiously into the ring to their demise. This savagery led Shao Kahn to appoint Kintaro his personal bodyguard.

- 3 x Interchanging Head-Sculpts
- 4 x Interchanging Pairs of Hand
- 1 x Fire Ball
- 2 x SubZero’s Iced Arm
- 7 x Damaged Effect

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