Product: Wild Animal Pack

Manufacturer: Jazwares

Game / IP: Minecraft

Developer: Mojang

Released: 2016

Series: 3


Polar Bear
Type: Usually neutral mobs
Behavior: Polar Bears are passive as cubs and neutral as adults, but will turn hostile if the player gets too close to their young!

Type: Passive mobs
Behavior: Mooshrooms are unique types of cows that seem to have become one with their biome.

Black Sheep
Type: Passive mobs
Behavior: Sheep are normally found wandering around in flocks. They will follow you around if you are holding some tasty wheat.

Hostile Wolf
Type: Hostile mobs
Behavior: A hostile wolf constantly growls, has a straight tail and bright red eyes.

Type: Passive mobs
Behavior: Bats hand from the bottom of a block when sleeping and will fly away when a player approaches.

Type: Passive mobs
Behavior: Ocelots are shy and will not attack you. When tamed, they become cats and will follow you around. Ocelots will attack chickens, albeit slowly.

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