Product: Overworld Saddle Pack

Manufacturer: Jazwares

Game / IP: Minecraft

Developer: Mojang

Released: 2014

Series: 2


Horse with Saddle
Type: Passive Mobs
Behaviors: If a player attempts to saddle an untamed horse, it will rear up, onto its hooves, but cause no damage to the player.
Facts: Horses are one of the fastest means of transportation in the game.

Type: The Player
Behaviors: By using tamed animals such as saddled horses and pigs, players can move quickly, without draining their hunger - handy for long journeys!
Facts: The player cannot ride pigs or horses through portals.

Pig with Saddle
Type: Passive Mobs
Behaviors: The player can mount the pig and use a carrot on a stick to control direction.
Facts: When ridden, pigs start slow but will move at up to 5 blocks per second once they gain momentum.

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