Product: Overworld Articulated Animal Mobs

Manufacturer: Jazwares

Game / IP: Minecraft

Developer: Mojang

Released: 2014

Series: 2


Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Cows wander around slowly, mooing on occasion. They will not attack you under any circumstance. Give cows wheat and you'll trigger their love mode; calves may be created as a result.
Fact: Cows can be milked infinitely. The milk can be used as an antidote to poison.

Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Sheep are normally found wandering around in flocks. They will follow you around if you are holding some tasty wheat.
Fact: Sheep are one of two animals that do not drop meat. They provide infinite amounts of wool.

Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Pigs travel in packs and roam the Overworld. They won't move through doorways though.
Fact: Pigs can be used as a form of transportation, if you have the right materials on-hand. You can lead a pig around with a carrot, put a saddle on and ride it.

Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Tamed wolves are often referred to as dogs. They are less aggressive and will not attack you.
Fact: Tamed wolves will help you defend against Hostile Mobs, but they are afraid of Creepers.

Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Ocelots are shy and will not attack you. When tamed, they become cats and will follow you around. Ocelots will attack chickens, albeit slowly.
Fact: Ocelots spawn in jungle biomes. Creepers seem to be a bit scared of them.

Type: Passive Mobs
Behavior: Chickens are drawn to light in dark environments. They lay eggs, which can result in more chickens.
Fact: Chickens are immune to fall damage.


There are two different types of packaging for this item, one displays the animals horizontally and the other vertically.

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