Product: Mooshroom 9" Plush

Manufacturer: JINX

Game / IP: Minecraft

Developer: Mojang

Released: 2015

Series: 2

Original Price: $19.99

UPC: 0778988224885

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 8"


Mooshrooms are like mules; they aren't quite horses and they aren't quite donkeys. Except, Mooshrooms are part fungus and part animal, and if you've played the same games we have, you know what that leads to. We'll just silently acknowledge that the Mooshrooms have the ability to rise up and control us all. But instead, they'll probably just continue to happily provide us with delicious soup...probably.

Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by J!NX. Cuddle with the Red Mooshroom cow stuffed toy from Minecraft video game. Constructed with soft polyester fibers. Measures approximately 9 inches long. Ages 3 and up


Sold either in a box or loose with a hang tag.

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