Product: D-Stage DS-045 SV001/II 6" Statue

Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

Game / IP: Metal Slug 3

Developer: SNK

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $39.99


The Metal Slug series never fails to deliver, and Beast Kingdom is ready to take you down memory lane with the release of the latest D-Stage diorama! The "staging your dreams" collection is back with a familiar scene from Metal Slug 3! Get ready for some real action with the SV-001/II Metal Slug, a battle tank that may look round, but packs a powerful punch. Recreated in 360-degree glory, the SV-001/II Metal Slug is seen in the midst of climbing a seriously unsteady looking wooden bridge and firing its famous canon! The diorama showcases detailed touches such as canon smoke, battle damage and streaking missiles! The D-Stage SV-001/II Metal Slug is one of SNK's signature battle tanks, a cute but deadly machine that deserves its spot on a desk near you.

Product Features
- 6 inches (16cm)
- Made of plastic
- Based on the Metal Slug 3 video game
- Detailed professional painting
- Highly detailed sculpt

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