Product: N7 Stripe Leggings

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc

Game / IP: Mass Effect

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $35.00


Life in the elite forces can get pretty busy. One minute you’re sleepless in a hostile terrain on an alien planet, next minute, you’d be cruising around in your state-of-the-art stealth space ship. In between the workout and the lounging, do you even have time to change your clothes? The Mass Effect N7 Stripe Leggings is designed to keep up with your lifestyle while giving you that stylish N7 flair.

- Black leggings
- Red and White N7 stripe & logo along right side of right leg
- Material: Polyester Spandex
- This pre-order item ships in August 2021
- Created by Development Plus, Inc.


Whether you’re feeling sporty or sleepy, this athleisure piece is a great pair to spend your day wearing. It’s made of polyester spandex, making it stretchy and comfy. Whether they’re activewear or loungewear is really up to you. It features the red and white N7 stripe and logo along the right leg. The rest of the leggings are all black, making them very easy to pair with the tops you already have.

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