Product: N7 Helmet Keychain

Manufacturer: EA Games

Game / IP: Mass Effect

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $20.00


- Mass Effect N7 Helmet Keychain
- Includes an enamel N7 keychain and a 3D helmet keychain

- Sculpted zinc alloy with matte black finish and enamel accents

- Helmet: 1.73”x 1.18”x 1.38”
- N7 keychain: 1”


It didn’t take too long for the word of Shepard’s combat brilliance and heroic might to spread across the galaxy. So much so, that the sight of the N7 armor-clad Spectre with the legendary red and gray breather helmet sparks terror in every Reaper, Geth, Collector, and all the other galactic menaces. A sight of this, and they know Shepard’s here. A distinct piece of armor designed to augment damage from tech, biotics, and weapons of all kinds, Shepard’s breather helmet adds health and shield to their vitals. Dual layers of fabric armor and kinetic padding within a lightweight and hard sealed ablative ceramic shell can handle anything the galaxy throws at it—from hazards like pressure, heat, cold, radiation, and toxic agents. Advanced navigation, communication, and battlefield awareness systems help Shepard be the elite, indomitable soldier that they are—making them combat-ready at all times.

This keychain replicates Shepard's legendary N7 Breather Helmet and comes with an N7 logo charm. The 3D keychain is sculpted with zinc alloy and includes blue and red enamel accents; while the N7 keychain features white and red enamel filling. Add it to your car keys or key bunch to give them a legendary makeover.

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