Product: Josef Bronze Statuette

Manufacturer: Amanita Design

Game / IP: Machinarium

Developer: Amanita Design

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 199

Original Price: $282.10


Josef the Robot comes all the way from Machinarium to proudly stand on your shelves and tables. The deluxe bronze statuettes are now available for pre-order. The Josef statuette will only be manufactured in a very limited run of 199 units worldwide. Each statuette comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic by Honza Mošt?k.

The package includes:
- bronze statuette of Josef from Machinarium
- wooden box with a pyrographic logo
- numbered certificate of authenticity

- Material: Bronze
- Weight: ?405 grams
- Height: ?14.2 centimeters

Please handle with care.

The statuettes are made using the lost-wax casting method, which destroys the original mould of cast item. First, a wax model of the statue is made with a silicone mould which is then prepared manually for casting. The mould is after many hours of burning out poured over with cast bronze, then the cast is hammered in order to release a unique original statuette. After this process the sculptor carefully works in the details and finishes the statue. Every figure is unique and has specific features other figures don't have.

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