Product: Iori Yagami 1/6 Scale Figure (deluxe)

Manufacturer: WorldBox

Game / IP: King of Fighters, The

Developer: SNK

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Original Price: $284.99


From the popular fighting game series, The King of Fighters, Iori Yagami is a highly articulated figure standing about 12 inches tall. Iori features authentic sculpting, is dressed in real fabric clothing, and includes translucent flame effect pieces.

The Deluxe version includes an alternate head and large flame base.

Product Features:
- 12 inches (30.48cm)
- Made of plastic
- Real fabric clothing
- From the fighting game series, The King of Fighters
- Translucent effect pieces
- Deluxe version

Box Contents:
- Iori Yagami figure
- Alternate head
- 6 Hands
- Black-colored neck strap
- White-colored shirts
- Black-colored jacket
- Red-colored trousers
- Red-colored leg belt
- Black-colored waist belt
- Pair of black-colored shoes
- 3 Flame effects
- Flame base

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