Product: Killzone Visual Design Art Book

Manufacturer: Cook & Becker

Game / IP: Killzone

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Released: 2015

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 1000

Original Price: $99.00


Killzone Visual Design: Celebrating 15 Years of Killzone is the first comprehensive overview of the visual development of the million-selling Killzone video game series. With unlimited access to the image archives of game studio Guerrilla and the people involved in making Killzone, compilers Cook & Becker and Arjan Terpstra unearthed images and stories from fifteen years of unique visual design.

Note to our North American customers. Killzone Visual Design is also available via the official PlayStation store. If you're looking to buy the Standard Hardcover of this book we advise to purchase there to save on shipping!

This 208 page art book gives a detailed, illustrated account of the idiosyncratic design philosophy behind the Killzone video game series, the beautiful concept art used to create the Killzone universe and the amazing attention to detail Guerrilla bestows on its games. From early hand-drawn concept art used for the first Killzone game to awe-inspiring in-game renders from Killzone Shadow Fall: this book truly celebrates the talent and skill of Killzone’s makers. This coffee table art book will inspire fans and anyone involved in visual design – be it video game design or any of the other design arts.

The book features an opening statement by Guerrilla studio director Hermen Hulst and President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

Killzone Visual Design: Celebrating 15 years of Killzone is available in a special Limited Edition and an open edition Standard Hardcover. The inside of both books is identical.

About the Limited Collector's Edition:
- Hardcover
- Limited to a 1.000 hand-numbered copies.
- Includes hand-numbered Killzone concept art giclee print "Stahl Arms"(30 x 23 cm Certified Art Gicleeâ„¢ printed on 270 gsm. Radiant White using archival inks).
- Comes in a luxury box.
- 208 pages
- Full Color
- ISBN: 9789082457612
- English Language

About the Standard Edition ($45.00):
- Hardcover
- 208 pages
- Full Color
- ISBN: 9789082457605
- English Language

Published by Cook & Becker. Visual Design by Dog & Pony.

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