Product: PZ.KPFW. V Panther 1:56 Model Kit

Manufacturer: Italeri

Game / IP: World of Tanks

Developer: Wargaming

Released: 2016

Series: 1

Original Price: $29.99


The highest caliber

The Panther was built for blitzkrieg with thick front armor and a supremely-powerful 75mm gun. Moving fast in the open it's virtually unstoppable. The long retreat from the Eastern Front after Kursk, however, was the worst possible situation for the Panther. Thin side armor and a low-powered HE round made it vulnerable to masses of Russian infantry and continuous retreats overtaxed the suspension. When you field a Panther in WoT, attack, when you face one, run. Kit features liquid cement, tank guide, full decals, three invite codes and one bonus code for World of Tanks. The bonus code for the PC version is 3 days of a premium account. The bonus code for Xbox One and Xbox 360 is a T2 Light Tank, garage slot, and one day of a premium account. Buy all 4 1/56 World of Tanks kits and get a Hydrostat Tank bonus code via email.

Type: Tanks
Scale: 1:56
Skill Level: 2
Model Length: 6.1 in (154 mm)
Number of Parts: 39 (estimated)
Suitable for ages 14 and older

Stock # ITAS5502
Mfg. # 56502

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