Product: Ferdinand 1:35 Model Kit

Manufacturer: Italeri

Game / IP: World of Tanks

Developer: Wargaming

Released: 2014

Series: 1

Original Price: $39.99


Tank cracker

The rightly feared and monstrously lethal 88mm L/71 gun on the Ferdinand was capable of shredding enemy armor from far beyond their effective range. It was a pure, lethal machine based on the Porsche-proposed chassis for the Tiger I and fitted with a casemate mounting the 88. Fortunately, for the free world, less than one hundred Ferdinand tank destroyers were produced. Run out one more of the fully fatal Ferdinands and get codes for in-game use. Includes: model kit, liquid plastic cement, tank guide, WoT decals, and 4 in-game codes (1 bonus code + 3 invite codes).

Type: Tank
Country: Germany
Scale: 1:35
Skill Level: 3
Model Length: 9.5 in (242 mm)
Suitable for ages 14 and older

Stock # ITAS3501
Mfg. # 37501

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