Product: Bismarck 1:700 Model Kit

Manufacturer: Italeri

Game / IP: World of Warships

Developer: Wargaming

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Original Price: $39.99


Gray giant of Germany

With an armament of eight 15 inch guns, a host of smaller batteries, and the largest displacement of any European WWII Battleship, Bismarck was the most advanced battleship in the European theater of operations. Interestingly, it was an obsolete Bi-Plane torpedo bomber that sealed Bismarck's fate when it jammed the massive vessel's rudder. Locked into a circular course, the doomed Bismarck was pounded by shells and torpedoes. Despite two hours of shelling, Bismarck's crew never surrendered. Kit features plastic cement, instructions, World of Warships Bonus Code for Russian Premium Cruiser, Diana and Port Slot and 500 Signal Flags, PLUS 3 invite codes for 7 Days of Premium Account & 1000 Doubloons.

Type: Warships
Scale: 1:700
Skill Level: 4
Model Length: 14.4 in (365 mm)
Number of Parts: 247 (estimated)
Suitable for ages 14 and older

Stock # ITAS4501
Mfg. # 46501

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