Product: Hoddmimis Carvings (6-Pack / exclusive)

Manufacturer: Idea Planet

Game / IP: God of War Ragnarok

Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio

Released: 2023

Series: 1

Exclusive: Playstation

Original Price: $89.00


As the first Midgardian boy his age Atreus had ever met, he and Skjöldr formed an instant bond. Each having lived somewhat sheltered lives, they loved swapping stories around the campfire. Atreus learned about the lives of the Midgardians, while Skjöldr was enthralled by tales of the icons who would play key roles in the prophesied twilight of the gods. After it came to pass, Skjöldr was inspired to keep the tales alive for future generations by carving totems of these larger-than-life figures... using them to retell the story of Ragnarök to new friends around the campfire till the end of his days...

Idea Planet Launch is sounding the horn for God of War fans. Now, you can commemorate God of War Ragnarök with a carved collection of iconic figures from the hit PlayStation game.

- A set of 6 hand-painted polyresin figures
- Highly detailed, carved to look like wood
- Figures range in size from 2.5" - 4.5"
- Display-worthy packaging

Idea Planet Launch campaigns are crowdfunded by loyal fans like you! This crowdfunded campaign will run from May 25th, 2023 until June 30th, 2023 exclusively on the PlayStation Gear Store. We need 3500 orders to move into production, and orders will begin shipping in Q4 2023.

Kratos: Kratos’ story is one of redemption. By learning to forgive himself and trust in others, he transforms from a vengeful killing machine in Greece to someone who only uses his power and strength to protect those he cares about. He is haunted by the traumas of his past yet determined to show his son a different path. His intentions are good even if his actions sometimes have undesirable results.

Atreus: Atreus is a constant reminder to Kratos of his past life and hopeful future. He pushes Kratos to evolve emotionally, see the good in people instead of immediately mistrusting them. Like Kratos, his emotions can put him in danger or lead to decisions that endanger others, though Atreus is primarily motivated by the greater good. His coming-of-age story represents the joy, sadness, and messy path on the way to adulthood.

Mimir: Mimir has become a trusted friend and advisor to Kratos, at times helping him navigate the challenges of parenthood. He is a constant companion to Kratos throughout his journey, seeking redemption for his own past deeds. Mimir is also the main source of all lore for the Norse realms, with knowledge of the conflicts between Aesir, Vanir, and Giants, and who played what role. He is often the voice of reason when Kratos and Atreus’s emotions get the best of them. His experience as a trusted advisor is an asset for the many challenges faced by the father and son.

Freya: Freya is often a mirror of Kratos, a fierce warrior and overprotective parent, angry from being manipulated and tricked by powerful gods. Freya and Kratos are the only ones who can understand each other’s fears as it relates to who they are and the impact of their actions on their loved ones. Freya eventually becomes the trusted friend Kratos can count on in life after Ragnarök.

Freyr: Freyr leads a small group in Vanaheim against the Einherjar occupation. He joins Kratos, Atreus, and Freya on their mission to bring down Odin.

Hildisvíni: The same spell that confines Freya to Midgard also prevents Hildisvíni from returning to his human form. Once the spell is broken, Hildisvíni returns to Vanaheim and resumes his role as advisor and counselor to the Vanir, supporting Freya and Freyr and recruiting the army of the dead in preparation for Ragnarök.

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