Product: Grille Sechs Figure (Urban Camo)

Manufacturer: Square Enix

Game / IP: Front Mission 3

Developer: Square Enix

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $89.99

UPC: 4988601351409


Making its first appearance in FRONT MISSION 3 and boasting both agility and accuracy - we are pleased to present the Grille Sechs Urban Camo Variant WANDER ARTS figure!

Utilizing the CG model from the original promotional materials as the foundation, our designers supplemented the sculptwork with additional molds and brushed up the overall quality. The attachment joints are standardized across the various Wanzer models, and so the torso, arms and the lower half of the body can be swapped with the other units in this series.

The paintwork on this figure follows suit with the base body of the same unit in the series but retrofitted with Urban Camo parts. Additionally, there are a total of six hardpoints on the left and right shoulders and arms; the joints on the backpack as well as the grip for the handheld weapons (the machine gun and the shotgun) are standardized across the various Wanzer models.

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