Product: Left Dresser & Door

Manufacturer: McFarlane

Game / IP: Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Developer: Scott Cawthon

Released: 2018

Series: 3

Original Price: $14.99


One of the more popular settings in the FNAF universe is the bedroom in FNAF 4, and one of the most recognizable images is the dresser and door on the room's left side. With a lava lamp and fan standing atop of the dresser overseeing the room, players must be aware of any subtle changes that signal an animatronic could be closing in.

- Buildable "Left Dresser and Door" set inspired by Scott Cawthon's Five Night's at Freddy's video game series
- Construction set features a Nightmare Foxy figure, and comes with lava lamp, fan, toy phone, and plush toy accessories
- Contains 63 pieces
- Figures feature articulation in the main joints and have swappable heads/limbs
- Bricks and figures are compatible with other construction brands

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