Product: Shinra Smartphone Case

Manufacturer: Square Enix

Game / IP: Final Fantasy VII

Developer: Square Enix

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Original Price: $39.99


We are pleased to bring to you the FINAL FANTASY VII Shinra Company folding wallet smartphone case. There is an adhesive sheet inside to secure your phone, so you can use it with a variety of phone models.

(NOTE: the case will fit phones as large as 142 mm x 75 mm x 10 mm, approx. 5.9" x 2.95" x 0.39")

This product cannot be used with phone models that have a curved or bumpy surface, or have a rough textured surface.

In an easy to use design, this case features a d-shaped clip on which you can attach a strap or charms in addition to pockets inside to store your cards.

NOTE: Do not store cards with magnetic strips in the pockets.

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Contributors: Venorik