Product: Elena 9.72" Figure

Manufacturer: Square Enix

Game / IP: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Developer: Square Enix

Released: 2025

Series: 1

Original Price: $179.99

UPC: 4988601381512


Elena, the newest member of the Turks, Shinra Company's elite unit, joins the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH PLAY ARTS KAI lineup! Her light golden brown short hair, eager eyes, fair skin, seamlessly fitted suit have all been recreated to bring her figure to life. Details such as the necktie, boot texture, fine patterns on the suit and movement of the fabric creases have been carefully reproduced, and a wider degree of posability has been achieved, allowing a variety of poses including those for action scenes. Accessories include face parts with a different smiling expression, various interchangeable hands, a handgun, grenade, and a popsicle.

Product Size (inches): H 9.65 in x W 2.44 in x D 1.54 in

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