Product: Vault Dweller's Welcome Kit

Manufacturer: Doctor Collector

Game / IP: Fallout

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $90.00


Dear Vault-Tec Customer:

We are pleased to inform you that because you have been accepted into the Vault Community, you may now order your Fallout Vault Dweller’s Welcome Kit! Enclosed you’ll find everything you need for a safe and pleasant stay, including advanced technology available only to Vault Dwellers like you.


Your Way In. Vault doors don’t open for just anyone who knocks! So bring proof that you belong in there:

- Registration Ticket
- Acceptance Letter
- Dweller’s Residence Keycard
- Your Resident’s Essentials

Life underground is easy when you know what to do, where to go, and what questions not to ask. You’ll learn this naturally during your stay, but diligent Vault Dwellers who want a head start can consult the following:

- Quick Action Guide Brochure
- Fully Illustrated Vault Dweller’s Guide Book
- 19.69 x 29.53 in (50 x 75 cm) detailed map of your Vault
- Your Personal Belongings

The world as we knew it may have changed. But if we hold on to our habits, we’ll get things back to the way they were in no time!

- Vault-Tec Toothbrush
- Vault-Tec Eye Mask
- Vault Dweller’s Isolation Diary
- Vault-Tec Pencil
- Vault-Tec Eraser
- Fun with Friends

Don’t be a stranger to the Vault boys and girls next door. Get to know them better with a game of questions and some must-see entertainment.

- Conversation Cards
- Projector Box with Lenticular Screen
- 3 Projector Slide Disks
- Trinkets For Your Display Cabinet

Put these collectibles on display and make your underground bedroom feel more like home.

- Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV Coupon
- Vault-Tec Metal Souvenir Emblem
- Vault-Tec Postcard
- Abraxo Sticker be
- Giddyup Sticker

Created by Doctor Collector. This pre-order item ships in January 2022.

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