Product: Nuka Cola Orange Glass Bottle w/ Cap

Manufacturer: Bethesda

Game / IP: Fallout

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2023

Series: 1

Original Price: $30.00


A bottle of Nuka Orange is a rare find in the wild. So if you’re all about that zest, you’d grab one when you see it. Brighten up your day with the Fallout Nuka-Cola Orange Glass Bottle & Caps! This set of display items includes a gorgeous rocket-shaped orange glass bottle and ten tin plate bottle caps. If ten isn’t enough, you can visit this page to get 20 more. Prefer the original flavor? We got you.

- 1x Nuka Orange bottle
- Non-functional bottle. For display purposes only. Do NOT use as drinkware.
- Material: Sprayed orange borosilicate glass
- Capacity: 12 oz (355 mL)
- 10x Nuka-Cola Bottle Caps
- Material: 0.23 mm tin plate
- Size: 26 x 5 mm each

Bottle Size:
- Top opening outer diameter: 1.02 in (2.6 cm)
- Top opening inner diameter: 0.67 in (1.7 cm)
- Leg-to-Leg Bottom Diameter: 3.54 in (8.99 cm)
- Height: 7.08 in (17.98 cm)
- Weight of Bottle & Cap: 270 g

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