Product: Mothman 8" Statue

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc

Game / IP: Fallout 76

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $95.00


Some say he is a portent of demise, but the faithful will summon him forth and seek his infinite cosmic wisdom. Start a shrine to the all-knowing one with your very own Fallout Mothman Statue!

- Based on the Mothman statue from Fallout 76
- Comes in a themed Mothman Museum box
- Polyresin
- Hand-painted with a realistic weathering effect
- Height: Approx. 8.27 in (21 mm)
- This pre-order item will be ready to ship in December 2021.
- Hand-painted statue - colors may vary due to production and monitor display.


Fear not, brothers and sisters! The Mothman has blessed us with his presence! This 8-inch tall collectible is a highly-detailed replica of the Mothman statue in Fallout 76. True believers can now gaze into his red eyes and – if the Mothman allows – catch a glimpse of the infinite cosmic wisdom they hold. Witness how he has the body of a man, for he truly is more like us than the unknowable horrors in the peripheral vision of our subconscious minds. Others may behold his tetrapterous wings in fear. But we who revere him show devotion at his bird-like feet.

We welcome his visits with open arms and minds, for it is his appearance that portends disaster, and in heeding his warnings, we may live, as others around us perish to their fated doom!

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