Product: Mimic Chest Statue (exclusive)

Manufacturer: First 4 Figures

Game / IP: Dark Souls

Developer: FromSoftware

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Exclusive: First 4 Figures

Original Price: $349.99

Weight: 25.74 oz

Dimensions: 4.5" x 7" x 5"


First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Dark Souls - Mimic Chest statue

Sleeping in the corners of Lordran, the Land of Ancient Lords, are these seemingly harmless treasure chests awaiting discovery. Sooner or later, inexperienced and greedy travelers would befall the Mimic's clutches as they attempt to retrieve the treasures within.

Mimics are unique monsters disguised as treasure chests. If players mistakenly open one of these, it will grab and sink its teeth into them with no remorse. If attacked, it will reveal its true and intimidating nature and shred the ill-fated apart. Rumor has it that the treasures they keep are belongings of their unfortunate victims of past.

There are tells, however, to differentiate Mimics from normal treasure chests, but we'll leave that up to players to git gud and learn themselves. (HINT: Pay close attention to the chest's chain, and like any other living creature, what do they need to do to survive?)

Dark Souls - Mimic Chest EXCLUSIVE COMPANION edition comes with the following:
- Dark Souls - Mimic Chest RESIN statue
- Animated chest inspired by Mimic's breathing
- Base with animated LED function
- The element of Messages are inscribed on the base for the true Dark Souls fans
- Highly detailed base inspired from the theme and style from the Dark Souls game
- Authentication Card

This is the first EXCLUSIVE COMPANION statue in First 4 Figures' Dark Souls line.


Artist: Tushank Jaiswal

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