Product: Ebonheart Pact Dice Set

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc

Game / IP: Elder Scrolls Online, The

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $40.00


In the uneasy alliance between the Nords, Dunmer, and free Argonians, the fate of the pact is in the cast of the die. Enrich your tabletop games with the beautiful The Elder Scrolls Online Ebonheart Pact Dice Set!

Decorative Ebonhart Pact-themed Faux Grimoire Box
- Color: Purple red (Similar to purple heart wood)
- Size: 109 x 80 x 33 mm

- Matte lamination
- Gold Foil stamping
- Spot UV
- 1 magnet
- Cover features a debossed graphic border with silver foil print

Box Sleeve: 110 x 81 x 34 mm

1x embossed D2 hexagon coin
- Side A: Ebonheart Dragon Head
- Side B: The Elder Scrolls Ouroboros
- Material: Zinc alloy
- Antique gold plating
- Size: 35mm diameter, 3mm thickness

11x polyhedral dice
- Highest digit is represented by the Ebonheart Pact's dragon heads
- Material: Acrylic, Pearlescent red resin, Gold metallic numbers
- 4x D6 (16 mm)
- 1x D6 (16 mm)
- 1x D8 (16 mm)
- 1x D10 (18 mm)
- 1x D12 (18 mm)
- 2x D20 (20 mm)
- 1x 10-sided Percentile (18 mm)

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