Product: Bring Arts Alena 5.4" Figure

Manufacturer: Square Enix

Game / IP: Dragon Quest IV

Developer: Chunsoft

Released: 2019

Series: 1

Original Price: $79.99

UPC: 4988601338868

Dimensions: 2.16" x 3.07" x 5.35"


DRAGON QUEST IV: Chapters of the Chosen, this epic adventure unfolds over five unique chapters. Alena, the main character from the second chapter, joins the fray as a BRING ARTS figure!

Well known as being a tomboy princess, careful attention was paid to her energetic and fiery personality when sculpting and painting her to accentuate the vibrant colors seen in-game. Accessories include an angry face, two sets of interchangeable hands, Iron Claws, Meteorite Bracer, a She-slime, and a couple of Urnexpected. Alena's jam-packed full of charm and energy into one small package!

Figure includes display stand.

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