Product: Dread Wolf Canvas Print

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc

Game / IP: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Original Price: $85.00



A heretic, a betrayer of clans, a destroyer, or a redeemer; whatever you want to call Solas, you cannot deny his relentless resolve to bring back all of Elven land to its past glory. A companion to the inquisitor, he whispered words of wisdom and his endearing embrace (at least to his female companion). But times have changed and with the events not turning out the way they should have, the humble elf has had to reveal himself as the elven god Fen'Harel, The Dread Wolf.

The great betrayer is back to accomplish his prophetic mission of protecting the elven people from internal war and civil strife, tearing down the veil, and rectifying his past trials.

This vibrant canvas print captures the Dread Wolf deep in thought. His devilishly calm visage and royal regalia steer away from his pedestrian apprentice armor. And while you lose yourself in his gold ornamented crest and the green halo, his malevolent mind plays tricks on yours. Through the canvas and across the realms, this Dread Wolf bewitches the beholder.

The stretched canvas is spread over a 3/4” wood frame. Hang it in your gaming dungeon or living room as you prepare yourself to confront the agents of Fen'Harel and the elven lord himself.

Official Dragon Age Dread Wolf Canvas Print
- Framed canvas print
- Artwork depicting the Dread Wolf from Dragon Age
- Open Edition
- Size: 18” x 24”
- Stretched over a wooden frame
- Includes hanging hardware

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