Product: Dragon Age Choice Maker Challenge Coin

Manufacturer: EA Games

Game / IP: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2023

Series: 1

Original Price: $22.00


- Material: Zinc alloy with black finish + hard enamel
- Coin Size: 2”dia (50.8mm) x 0.16” thick (4mm)
- Box: Velvet-lined clamshell display box 8.6cm x 9.1cm x 3.4cm


Heroes are not only shaped by their skills in battle but by the choices they make. The Dragon Age Choice Maker Challenge Coin holds the power to shape your destiny, one flip at a time. With icons plucked straight from the legendary Dragon Age dialogue wheel, this zinc alloy coin is a must-have for every true adventurer and daring decision-maker.

On one side, you'll find the "Pleased" symbol, representing diplomacy, charm, and all things smooth-tongued. On the other side, behold the formidable "Attack" symbol, an embodiment of raw aggression, unmatched might, and the thrill of a good brawl. One flip, and the will of the Maker shall be known.

Use it to settle disputes among friends, determine the course of your own personal quests, or add an air of mystery to your everyday choices. Whether you choose to bring it with you or keep it safely tucked away in its sleek velvet-lined clamshell display box, the Choice Maker Challenge Coin is a reminder that each decision bears significance. Will you be hailed as a paragon of virtue or reviled as a bringer of chaos? The coin leaves the answer in the hands of fate itself.

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