Product: Mini Pinky 3" Statue

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc

Game / IP: Doom Eternal

Developer: id Software

Released: 2022

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 500

Original Price: $45.00


- Material: Polyresin
- Size: 3 x 3 x 3.15 in (7.6 x 7.6 x 8 cm)
- Hand-painted
- Includes a 2 in (5.08 cm) freebie sticker
- Hand-numbered product. The edition number on the product is based on the time you order your product. They are shipped randomly.


Can you imagine a demon that’s in equal parts adorable and ferocious? Meet the DOOM Eternal Pinky Mini Collectible Figure! You may recognize it as that little guy you found while exploring secret locations in between all the demon slaughter. Now that you’ve found its real-world location, you can let this mini terror hang out on your desk or display shelf. Taking after its more realistic cousin, the mini Pinky stands ready to attack. It boasts a round body armed with sturdy legs, burly arms, claws, horns, spikes, and a killer look in its face and eyes. Its flesh and armor are hand-painted with a beautiful gradient of pink.

With its bite-sized body, king-sized fury, and lovely rosy face, the mini Pinky is a triple threat that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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